Part7 リーディング(1文書)


5 May 2001

Mr. Thomas Dooring
Dazzling Dry Cleaners
123 South Road
Los Angeles, CA 90001

Mr. Dooring:

I am terribly disappointed with my recent batch of dry cleaning.
Last week I dropped off two dresses to be cleaned.
One had a white top and a navy bottom; the other was all black except for a white blouse and collar.
When I picked the dresses up today, I noticed that the white top of the navy dress was stained light blue.
Furthermore, I saw a new brown stain on the collar of the black dress.
Both dresses are ruined. I expect that you will reimburse me for the cost of the dresses.


Tina Immad

1. What colors were Ms.Immad's dresses?
(A) Navy blue, white, and black.
(B) Brown, black, and yellow.
(C) Navy blue, brown, and red.
(D) Light blue, brown, and beige.
【正解】  A  

2. According to the text, which of the following was wrong with the dresses?
(A) They shrank.
(B) They were stained.
(C) They were torn.
(D) They were lost.
【正解】  B  

3. Ms. Immad expects the dry cleaner to
(A) give her a month of free dry cleaning.
(B) reimburse the cleaning charges.
(C) pay her back the cost of the ruined dresses.
(D) clean the dresses again.
【正解】  C  

4. The purpose of this letter is to
(A) expose dry cleaners as frauds.
(B) explain that white garments are hard to dry clean.
(C) argue that dry cleaning ruins clothing.
(D) complain about poor dry cleaning service.
【正解】  D  

Part7 リーディング(2文書)(新形式テスト問題)



Are you seeking a chance to teach English? Putting an ad in English Study Weekly is the most effective way to get an English teaching job. Over 1000 overseas students and business people subscribe to our weekly magazine at the moment.

How to place a classified ad:
An advertisement should be sent by post or by fax using the form at the bottom of this page. We do not accept telephone applications.

Payment procedures:
Applications should be accompanied with check payable to English Study Limited. Major credit cards are also accepted.

$1 per word. Bold font $1 (extra) each word. Tel, Fax and Email addresses are $2 each. Bold contact number are $2 (extra) per line. All ads will be published in English unless otherwise instructed.

Deadline and Cancellation:
The deadline for accepting an ad is every Wednesday morning. If judged acceptable, it will be inserted in the following week's Edition. There is no charge for cancellation if notified three days before publishing. Otherwise we charge you the full amount. If you wish to make any change in the text, you are required to pay $5 extra per ad.
To: Administrator of English Study Weekly
From: Matthew Baker

Classified Ad Form

Write what you want the ad to say below clearly in block letters:

Qualified Experienced Friendly English Teacher for
all levels and exams $15 per hour
Matthew 012-1234-12345

Your name and address: Matthew Baker
204 Green House, York Street

Contact number: Tel/Fax 012-1234-12345

How to pay: by check

Signature and Date: Matthew Baker May 1, 2005

Q1. What is the advantage of Engllish Study Weekly in terms of giving opportunities to find English teaching jogs?
A. Over 1000 English learners are looking for their English teachers.
B. The magazine is highly recommended by foreign people.
C. Over 1000 foreigners put their ads in the magazine every week.
D. Over 1000 potential students read the magazine.
【正解】  D  

Q2. How much does it cost for Matthew Baker to put his advertisement in English Study Weekly?
A. $14
B. $18
C. $15
D. $21
【正解】  D  

Q3. If Matthew Baker cancels his ad on the previous day of publishing, he needs to pay
A. in full.
B. $5.
C. $15.
D. nothing.
【正解】  A  

Q4.Matthew Baker can place an ad in French,
A. if he gives three days'notice.
B. if he notifies the administrator of his intention.
C. if he pays extra.
D. if he is a French teacher.
【正解】  B  

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